Semalt: The Best Way To Stop Pop-Up Ads

Google does a great job of keeping the pop-up windows under control. That is why seas of pop-up windows invading our browsing experience indicate some major problems. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to deal with these annoying and irritating advertisements. Getting rid of the unwanted and odd pop-ups and the banner ad is a two-way procedure. First, you have to remove any adware or malware from your machine. Second, you should use the browser extension to block the pop-ups and banner advertisements. Some other things you should bear in mind are mentioned below.

Cleaning your windows:

Lisa Mitchell, the Semalt expert, explains that if you run the AVG anti-virus program and it has stopped working properly, you should look for another adware or anti-malware tool. Most of the experts recommend Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, which is good at fighting malware and removing annoying pop-up ads from your system. Another similar program you can try for both Windows 7 and Windows 8 is Xplode's AdwCleaner, which targets all those toolbars, browser invaders, and adware that create pop-ups in a large number. There is a false and illegal version of AdwCleaner that will ask you to pay something for removing the pop-ups and adware. You should not opt for that and download only the genuine version of this tool.

Browser add-ons:

For checking the extensions and add-ons in Windows 7 and Windows 8, you should click on the icon at the top side and click on the Add-ons option from its drop-down menu. All add-ons have separate buttons for Disable, Remove and Options areas. You just have to click on the Disable button and stop malware and annoying pop-up ads from showing up in your operating system. Another method of reducing the number of pop-up ads in Windows 7 and Windows 8 is by installing the Ublock Origin software. The program has been presented by Raymond Hill and can consume different malware and adware causing pop-ups. It comes with a handful of filters such as EasyPrivacy and EasyList. You can also opt for Ghostery, which is the best and most amazing tool to block pop-up ads. It can block the Facebook ads, DoubleClick ads, and Google Translate advertisements too.

Stop the foistware:

Pop-ups easily attack websites and operating systems that you use to promote several products online and make money. It is called foistware, which includes platforms like Google, Microsoft Bing, Ask, PUPs and Google Chrome. An easy solution is that you install a program known as Unchecky. It blocks or eliminates the bundles of offers that look legitimate and appear in the form of pop-ups.

Stop the Windows 10 upgrades:

Microsoft tries to get the new Windows 10 operating system onto multiple devices and installed a tiny GWX (Get Windows 10) utility on Windows 7 and Windows 8. It asks you to upgrade for free, which you should not. We recommend you the Ultimate Outsider's GWX Control Panel if you want to block Microsoft's promotional notifications and annoying pop-ups. Alternatively, you can try Ed Bott ad blocker and get rid of those pop-ups and banner advertisements that create a mess for you on the internet.

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